RED SOX!, Patriots, Lebron, Huge REAL MADRID, Arsenal, Manchester united, La galaxy, and FC Dallas Fan.
I'm 17
I play tennis
likes all "good music" especially post-hardcore
favorite band is The Devil Wears Prads and ADTR

physics jokes. I can't even.

  • James: HI WHAT'S UP?
  • James: AWESINE
  • Me: hahaha I get it. Test tomorrow. Gonna die. Under these FORCES.
  • James: Hahahaha. I hope you get some WORK done.
  • Me: I can feel the TENSION in my brain.
  • James: If you get tired, you might need a POWER nap.
  • Me: To regain my ENERGY.
  • James: But I'm not sure I understand the GRAVITY of your situation.
  • Me: Then maybe you need to break it down into COMPONENTS.
  • James: How MASSive is this test?
  • Me: It WEIGHS more than your mom. ... What am I even doing I should be studying.
  • James: Yeah seriously. But maybe you'd like to encounter some KINETIC FRICTION first?
  • Me: OKAY NO. The only friction I'll feel is STATIC FRICTION when my head hits the textbook.
  • James: K. Well. It's all RELATIVE.
  • Me: That's it I'm done here.


that moment during a calculus test when after reading a problem you know that you don’t remember the correct way to solve it, and that there’s no way to fake like you do….